Friday, August 20, 2010

One week and one day to go

I have decided to start this blog to tell you what is going on with me as I leave my comfy home and dear family and friends and set off on a new adventure: living and studying in London for the next three years. It is Friday night and about 70% of my books have been packed, the champagne for the 'bon voyage' party is in the refrigerator, the paper work is almost done, the to-do list is shrinking...I think I'm almost ready. A week of packing is ahead, but the champagne should help that along.

I have been running on adrenalin and caffeine for a few days now, and sleep is difficult to come by. I have been meeting with many friends in an orgy of catch-ups, with more in the diary next week. How silly to wait until the moment before I head off for three years before managing to meet for coffee or lunch: another reason to start this blog so that keeping in touch is made a little easier.

The poor old dog went off to doggie heaven a few days ago. RIP Brownie.I noticed all the neighbours walking their dogs early in the morning so I put his ancient kennel, and a carton full of dog food, out on the roadside in front of my house. They had gone by morning. I like this method of neighbourhood recycling.

I estimate that there is somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 books in this house. Momentarily, I thought about how much they had cost to acquire over the years. Then I had to shut down that thought pretty quickly. My gawd. It doesn't bear thinking about. Nevertheless, another 100 books arrived today, in the form of copies of my own new one, 'Mt. Kilimanjaro & Me'. This is of course very exciting. I am hoping that most of these copies will find good homes at the party tomorrow, and I'll be posting off some to my favourite people (i.e. people I think will actually read it).

I'd better make another attempt at sleep...


  1. Wishing you well - have a wonderful time bon voyaging with friends and family.

  2. this is such a good idea. I look forward to following your advetures. I'd love a post here of what's in your course, Annette, with links to where you will be studying and staying so i can have a good sticky-beak, lol.

  3. Will post some info about Birkbeck soon, Harry. I expect the blog will become a lot more interesting once I actually arrive in the UK, and have to deal with Things British. But I like the 'journal' format - it makes me feel closer to my tribe.