Monday, August 30, 2010

A room of one’s own

During a phase of Virginia Woolf enthusiasm a year or two ago, Kyle and I read biographies of the extraordinary writer, and then I launched into (1) ‘Mrs Dalloway’; (2) ‘The Hours’ by Michael Cunningham; (3) the movie of the same name. This, in my opinion, is the correct sequence. Around the same time I stayed with Kyle & Andrew in their London house and was kindly given a room at the top of their three-storied row house. Kyle called it ‘A room of one’s own’, and the sobriquet has stuck. I have taken advantage of this lovely hospitality on lots of occasions, and now here I am for a more extended stay in ‘A room of one’s own’.  

For those of you who haven’t read Virginia Woolf’s sharp and witty essay, originally addressed to the young ladies of Girton, Cambridge’s first women’s college, I see that it is now out of copyright and can be read on the web:

Earlsfield SW18, but could be anywhere in the London 'burbs, really

By the way, I'm going to change the time setting on this blog to the London time zone now, which will throw out the times on the posts I made in Australia, but what can you do?

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