Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to base

This morning: breakfast in the sunny courtyard of The Orfila in Madrid (soft boiled eggs again, since a translation for ‘poached’ was not found). There was champagne on the breakfast buffet, and although the wonderful weekend certainly called for celebration, I refrained.

This evening: English cheese and French red wine with Kyle, back in Earlsfield. An uneventful journey home. I tried out the ‘Heathrow Express’ train from the airport to Central London (even though it actually was out of my way to go to Paddington) just to check it out. It was fine, though the long way home. London is cool and intermittently damp.

El Bulli update: Alex is going to come with me to the lunch, and will hopefully assist if we are served anything offal-related, or alive. He seemed keen. Alex’s partner, R., is reported to have said that he would give a year of his life to eat at el Bulli. I take this as a distinct encouragement. I am now putting my mind to the travel arrangements. Getting there should be no problem; unlike the question of how to get home – in time for my first Birkbeck lecture, ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ – “always at 6 pm Mondays” according to the lady in the School of Philosophy admin office.

Apartment update: the real estate agent told me today that he’d have the lease for signing tomorrow, and I have an appointment in the morning for what they call here ‘check-in’. Keys! Yay! On the strength of this good news, this evening I ordered online an entire apartment full of...I hesitate to say To be delivered Wednesday.  *gulp*

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