Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some progress...and pizza

Today was spent exploring the possibilities of the big department stores along Oxford Street: Debenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges, Marks & Spencer. Verdict? Patchy. More interesting small stores hidden in the side streets. Nevertheless, this investigative foray gave me some insight into what/where/how much is involved in the prospective furnishing of my flat -- once it materialises.

Apartment update: I came within a hair's breadth of signing a lease today, but still the contract wasn't right. Blame it on the lawyer in me, but the terms weren't what they could be (and some sloppy drafting, but that is the lawyer in me). I sent it back one more time. But I did have another viewing of the top floor flat in St Pancras, and was reminded of why I want to live there: I made arrangements for the delivery of furniture next Wednesday. Hopefully all will be signed off by then. Of the two bedrooms, I decided that I'd like to sleep in the one which has double-storey-high ceilings and a glimpse of the sky over the roof of St Pancras.

Andy at work on the pizza dough

This evening was very enjoyable - 'Pizza Night' at Genevieve and Andy's (friends of Kyle's - and now friends of mine) who live in Clapham in an English terrace house they have renovated beautifully.
They are, is seems, 'foodies' and the 'made from scratch' pizzas were to die for. Go, Andy!

Tomorrow I am off to Madrid - fantastico! the way....the el Bulli booking materialized! The news came through this morning. Sunday 3rd October. Now to work out the logistics -which will be worked out, that's certain. The Guardian had an item about el Bulli this morning:

And check this description of what it is like to eat there:

I had better go and pack............

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