Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big Night on the Harbour

The B & G

That's Sydney harbour. 29 degree warmth today - culture shock for me, business as usual for Sydney. Slept only fitfully after the excitement and time change of the long haul flight, up at sparrow's twit, bright a as a bean. Out onto the streets of Cremorne to seek the local press and a coffee. Found both unchanged - excellent coffee, depressing news about the state government, up to the usual shenanigans. Is there a single soul left who is likely to vote for them next year? And I'm from their side of the political fence. All faith lost...As I said, business as usual in Sydney.

Spent the day with the delightful Miss Pandora, who showed me some interesting interpretive dance routines she is working on, and sometimes allowed me to take some pictures of her.

After the warm day and the jet lag, off to Aria Restaurant on the beautiful Sydney harbourside to celebrate the engagement of Sophie and Dan - a family party, with a test run for Team Bridal, a.k.a. the Wedding Party. The Hungarian/Australian/Tasmanian merger is progressing well. Congratulations Sophie & Dan!

Considering the jet-lagged state of my brain, this post will be short. Normal service will be resumed once I manage to sleep.

Flowers for the Bride-to-Be

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