Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cirque de Noel

Party Time

Big Top has sprung up near Russell Square. There are animals inside - party animals. The three-peaked circus tent is a Christmas venue hosting Snow Balls and Diamond Dances, Glamour & Glitz Galas, for the Christmas Season party-goers. This week it was the turn of CPA Global, and I was kindly invited along to share in the festivities. As you will see from these photos, the guys and gals of CPA Global know how to dress up.
Bloomsbury's Big Top

Brigitta and I, dressed to the nines ourselves, tottered out into Euston Road to hail a cab. Sadly for us, we met several examples who give London cab drivers a bad name, as they refused to take us on what was admittedly a short fare, despite being promised ten quid. One even turned off his light, looked me in the eye, and said 'I'm off duty'. Just as we were resigned to walking, high heels and all, we found an exceptionally friendly and helpful cab driver, thus showing that, thankfullly, there are all kinds...

Making an entrance

Salsa in a yellow dress
Arrival at the big top entailed sashaying into a blue-lit entry way through fire-twirlers and fairy lights, to the trays of champagne and the beautifully evening-gowned and black-tied ladies and gentlemen, transformed from their hard-working office selves into the CPA Global Party Animals. Brigitta (aka the Big Boss) was required to make The Speech, after which she relaxed visibly, and so did everyone else. We were efficiently served a tasty dinner, while being entertained by a pair of talented dancers (waltz, cha-cha and salsa, by my reckoning) - reminding me of how much I miss my old dancing days back at Firefly Dance Club in Sydney.  In fact, the dancers in the big top waltzed to the beautiful Norah Jones song 'Come Away With Me', to which I used to dance (though admittedly not as well) with my teachers, Rohan & Quintin (hi guys!) Ah, the old days!

Highlight of the evening for me? Meeting lots of fun new friends. Merry Christmas, CPA Global!!

And just in case you thought I was kidding about that waltzing claim....:-)

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  1. Rohan wrote: That brings back memories. "Come Away With Me" is such a beautiful waltz, you do see it in a lot of performances. Now our waltz song, I got that waltz off a Power Metal cd, you won't see many people perform to that ;) . I hope your new life is treating you well it sounds like it's a lot of fun.