Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dateline: December 25

Sophie in the kitchen, December 25th??

Dateline: December 25

Gazpacho (have I spelled it right?)
6 AM: First waking thought: that Unicum liqueur the Hungarians gave me last night might be an acquired taste, but at least they were right about it preventing a hangover. Memories of gazpacho, kocsonya, cucumber salad, potatoes with paprika....Boldog Karácsonyt!

8 AM: Temperature 18 degrees. Forecast 29. Bright sun. Cherries and tea on the terrace. Sydney Christmas. Email to Vizcaya: іFeliz navidid!

10 AM: Gift wrapping completed. Better late than never. How to get to Christmas lunch? Police cars on every street – I was breathalysed yesterday at 11 am. They are being very careful, and I must too.
 Looks like I load my Santa Sack with pressies and walk. 
Either that or drink no champagne. I’ll walk.
Warm Christmas morning

11 AM: Found a coffee shop open!  The Malaysian proprietors were doing a roaring trade. Phoned the family: ‘I’ll be a bit late’.  Beat my way through the caffeine-seeking hordes to obtain the necessary cappuccino.

12 NOON: Arrived Chez Sophie & Dan to the smell of roasting meats.

Dan slaves over a hot stove, barefoot...and smiling

1 PM: began on the cheese. Happy Cheesemas!

Oh, yes!

AND ON THROUGH THE HOT AFTERNOON: Proceedings commenced: family gathered, too many cooks luckily avoided spoiling the broth (so to speak), sparkling flowed freely, Harrods Christmas pudding proves worth hauling 13,000 kilometres, presents distributed, small child the centre of attention.

Christmas Checklist

The old folks play up.

The young folk, with paper hat.

Reunion! xoxoxo

4 PM: people start falling asleep.

5 PM: struggle into someone’s car with haul of pressies.

SHORTLY AFTER: asleep myself.

REPEAT: at homes all over Sydney.

26th DECEMBER, 6 AM: A blissful light rain begins to cool the fevered Christmas brows.

Merry Christmas 2010!

Next on the agenda?

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