Saturday, April 20, 2013

Since October...

Wintery seashore

Regular readers will have noticed a short hiatus in posts on this blog, due to an Italian interlude - from 'la vie boheme' to 'la dolce vita', you might say. Here's a post to bring us up to date, and with it a new look for the blog - one of the dynamic views - what do you think of it?

Let's catch up with life on the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy since last October -- the winter time in a small Italian village is a time for the locals to reclaim their town while the tourists are away. Yes, sunshine and tourist Euros are good things, but there's something about having your espresso with friends, or celebrating Christmas, New Year and Epiphany senza foreigners, or just enjoying the fine cold days...

Winter sunshine

Sant' Andrea

Gone fishin'

Winter light

Sunset from Praiano

On the Duomo steps

Coffee at Pansa

Must be Christmas... year's eve


morning coffee

The Amalfi Coast in winter

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