Friday, August 16, 2013

Santorini Sunsets

Sunset on 'the most beautiful island in the world'
No blog report on the Greek island of Santorini would be complete without touching on the magnificent sunsets. As the sun sinks over the Aegean Sea, the view differs depending upon where you situate yourself on the rim of the caldera, but everywhere it's divine.

The sun begins to sink....
...and lowers into the sea..
There's a story in the guide books that the village of Oia (Ia) is the prime location for sunset viewing. It's only when you get there (or when a helpful hotel concierge with Google Earth demonstrates for you) that you realise that Oia faces the wrong way. There's just one good west-facing spot in the village - the ruined castle of Ayios Nikolaos - and every tourist in the place heads for it at sundown. A few enterprising taverna owners have built high and advertise their 'sunset terraces;' and if you can get down to the tiny beach of Ammoudi (and find parking) you might be lucky.

Sunset in Oia...pretty, but not quite the same.
Church of Panagia, main square in Oia
In Fira town, or in Firostefani, the setting sun will make a great display, but will set behind the rim of the caldera on the opposite side of the inner sea. Beautiful. But can we do better?

From Firostefani - but can we do better? 
From Firostefani. Almost perfect.
Not bad at all.
Sundowners in Imerovigli

The best view, we found, was directly out of our hotel room doorways: from the highest point on the caldera at Imerovigli (385 metres asl). From this point our view was between the Oia on the tip of the mainland, and the separate island of Therasia. As a sailboat drifted photogenically into the burnished sea, we sipped our gin & tonics and enjoyed.

Avaton Resort & Spa, Imerovigli

Sunset from poolside at Avaton Resort, Imerovigli
Santorini sunset - hard to beat.

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