Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Big Day

The Big Day is here. It has started in a leisurely manner, with brunch in Mosman. Later the family are planning to accompany me to the airport to do ‘the big airport send-off thing’. This is not usually the way I leave the country, but this time is different. Or is it? As Miss Pan reportedly commented: ‘My Nana ALWAYS goes away on a big airplane!’

In order to avoid a complete emotional melt-down over this, I am resolutely concentrating on the exciting future. I have exchanged a few more emails with mi amigo in the Iberian Peninsula who reports great things of the Costa Brava:

‘The city of Girona deserves a visit too, at least its cathedral. The airport is some 80 km. from Roses. Ampuries, the Greek-Roman city, is in between (it is not Jerash, or Bosra, but it is by the sea and the coast is nice; and there, if they have not removed it and taken to Barcelona, is the finest classic sculpture of all the Western Mediterranean: the Aesculapius of Ampuries). In Figueres, close to Roses (some 25 km.?) is the Dalí Museum. El Bulli is where the paved road ends, and the whole coastal area is barren but nice for trekking if it is not hot. And for a nice swim. I heard that there is a hotel which can only be accessed by boat. Further on is Cadaqués, the lovely town where Dalí lived, and where his house is (it can be visited, it is also a kind of museum). And then Cap Creus, with its beautiful rugged coast. Ideal for swimming naked.’

Oh yes, this all sounds absolutely what I want to do and see. Let’s go!

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