Sunday, August 22, 2010

Looking forward

  'Mt Kilimanjaro & Me' was successfully launched yesterday evening, as we resolutely ignored the dire developments coming from the National Tally Room. I made a speech, a thing of which I am rather too fond (you're warned: don't give me the platform). I also read an excerpt from the book. I don't know about my audience, but just that short piece took me back to the flanks of the mighty Kilimanjaro, as I struggled for five hours up the last gruelling trail to the crater rim ...
       "At one point a woman walking just in front of me stopped, leant her lead on her poles, and vomited. It was that kind of place."

Ah, bookselling...I remember it well.

I am pleased to report that my party guests did not have a similar reaction, although 25 people managed to drink a whole dozen bottles of Veuve Cliquot, so I can't answer for the state they may have been in this morning. Thank you all my friends: it was a great send off for my house, my book, and me.

I spent today sorting things for storage, things for other people, and things to throw away. It was utterly exhausting, physically and mentally, and tomorrow I plan to stop concentrating on the things I am leaving behind, and start concentrating on the things I am taking with me. Which is to say, I will pack my suitcases and the small bundle of Stuff which is to accompany me to 'la vie boheme'.

In that spirit (and because Harry asked me), here is a link which describes the course I will be doing in London, an MA in Philosophy at Birkbeck College:
Since my previous study of philosophy is limited to the Graduate Certificate in Philosophical Studies which I completed (blitzed! yay!) last year through Griffith University, I plan to take Birkbeck's 'Introduction to Philosophy' module.The paper in the Introduction to Philosophy module covers: Ethics; Political Philosophy; Epistemology and Methodology; and Logic and Metaphysics. This course includes some training in introductory logic. That's got to be useful, right?

In addition, I choose two options from: Aesthetics, Early Modern Philosophy, Ethics, Gender and Philosophy, Greek Philosophy: Plato & Aristotle, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Political Philosophy and the Philosophy of Nietzsche. What a pity I can't choose them all. My choices, if it works out, will be the Greeks and Philosophy of Mind.

Cool, huh?