Monday, August 23, 2010

Rather mixed-up

As you may know, one of the motivations for my move to the UK was the decision by the NSW State Government to zone my house, and those of seven of my neighbours, as park land (RE1). See: All around us, developers are sending  in their construction teams to tear down the old houses of Ku-ring-gai and build cheerless blocks of units. I won't go into all the details here, but suffice to say my solution was to try to dis-engage from loving my little house by leaving it for a time. 

I've just heard that the Council, deputed by the Government to do the acquisition - and presumably the subsequent bulldozing - has just...wait for it...changed its mind! 
'After further discussions and advice by our Planning staff, the RE1 zoning in Lindfield is now being reconsidered with the view of re-instating the underlying residential zoning.'

This news is so fresh that I still don't know what I think about it. Pleased! But it's too late to chagne my mind about going to England. There were, of course, many other reasons for my UK-adventure decision, including the joys of European culture and travel, the challenge of studying at Birkbeck, the adventure of living outside of Australia...and being much closer to Madrid. 

Today was just one big long exhausting day of packing and sorting out tax with the accountant. Nothing you would want to know about. One more day of it, and then the professionals move in. If I haven't, by then, retrieved everything I want to take with me, I'll just have to live without it. Which I'm sure will be perfectly possible.

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