Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My day so far

Woke early concerned that I hadn't left out anything to wear to the opera tonight; frantic unpacking of several boxes and suitcases to unearth something appropriate. The following hours spent building a huge heap...nay, mountain...of junk on my front lawn, ready for the 1800-Got-Junk (yes, I DO!) people to take from my life. I thought I had already done a clean-up. Why was this STUFF in my house? Arrggg!

And the packers have been here since sparrow's twit, vacuuming everything that is not nailed down into cartons. They are now taking a smoko break, and playing with a remote control car. It is zooming around my garden and the new junk heap. It is always interesting to meet eccentrics.

The good news is that I found the instructions on how to reprogram the combination on  the safe. They are the sort of thing that one should store in a safe and inaccessible place, and I did that so effectively that I couldn't remember where. However, they have now emerged from deep, deep under Stuff.

Excuse me, I have to go - two more eccentric people have arrived to pack the every-growing quantity of Things I Can't Live Without, aka the things to be air-freighted to London. One of these people is a big Islander, and the other is an elderly lady with waist length white hair. It is proving a good day for eccentrics. In fact, I think I am becoming one.


  1. Speaking of 1800-Got-Junk, I got a call from Brough Real Estate about the swingy chair I left in the Ashfield backyard.. they want me to get rid of it. I think I shall call these Got Junk people this week, or someone similar.

  2. The Got Junk people are a bit expensive but efficient. But someone may need to be there to let them in (and pay them) and no one has a key except the agent Perhaps ask the agent to do it and take it out of the bond?