Thursday, October 28, 2010


Tonight the St Pancras flat was officially warmed! Sustained by some Italiano food platters from Carluccio's downstairs, and lubricated by plenty of prosecco, the Good Ship St Pancras was launched by a crowd of about ten good friends. Thanks to the attendees - your good wishes for the flat will forever permeate its beams and encourage its ambience!

St Pan's shows off its beams

Train shed view through the window

Good friends 'warm the house'

Carluccio's did well!

Tomorrow morning at sparrow's twit Evan and I are off on an adventure to sunny Spain - first Barcelona to run to earth the Barcelona Pavilion, in Evan's words "perhaps the most important modern building ever". Possibly Gaudi will get a look-in. And then to Bilbao, home of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum, and, not incidentally, some Basque friends.

Over the last of the prosecco I made the decision to leave the laptop at home for this trip, so blog posts will be suspended until early next week. However, you can expect some interesting photos when we return, I am sure.


  1. No blog?! Next thing you'll be telling me you've succumbed and bought a telly. What is your adoring public supposed to do? J M

  2. hey~ nice house warming party. Tell you what! I will be soon having a house warming party too! I finally closed a deal to purchase a nice home last week!! yes yes, there is a big wall in the living room where I can put several book selves, and the kitchen is small, but fine enough for cooking. I think I will make a whole new 2011!

  3. Many congratulations Yiling! I will have to come to Taipei and visit once you are all set up :-))