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Chalet in Megeve
How does this sound? "Spacious rooms inundated with light..." It sounds pretty darned good to me, and with any luck the description is not just marketing fluff, but is actually true. For tomorrow your blogger is heading off for a week in the snow, with a group of convivial buddies, to celebrate Kyle's 50th Birthday (yes, I know we have the Birthday Concert coming up, but 50 is a Big Birthday, and requires a great deal of celebration of various kinds). Now, the other convivial buddies are skiiers, which is a thing I am not, so my plan is to enjoy the village of Megève, patronise the spa, read fiction as a change from philosophy, and absorb whatever light is available. And of course I am sure that I will be very good at aprés ski.

Megeve locator
And where is Megève, exactly, I hear you ask? In France, not far from the border with Switzerland. To get there, fly to Geneva, get a car and turn....well, west, I assume. You can see some photos at this website, and Wikipedia gives the details. Megève is not far from Mont Blanc, in the French Alps. The mountains skied at Megève itself are Mont d'Arbois, Jaillet, Rochebrune and Côte 2000, and I am sure they are looking beautiful at this time of year. Wikipedia says that the resort was established in 1910 and took off when the Rothschilds favoured it after they found St Moritz too low-grade, and that many consider it to be one of the most beautiful resorts in the world.

Weatherwise, the sun is presently shining in  Megève, and the temperature is an invigorating -2 degrees. 85% of the ski area is open. This is the 'Snow Cam' and it's lookin' gooooood....!

Les Fermes de Marie
As to my carefully chosen accommodations, where I hope to spend a week in the "Spacious rooms inundated with light...", these are delectably described on the website of Les Fermes de Marie (which I think translates as 'Marie's Farm', which would explain all the rustic-ness). I cannot do better than to quote the hotel's description of itself, which has me drooling in expectation:

A short distance from the centre of Megève lies a place outside time and far from the everyday world: Les Fermes de Marie.It consists of a little hamlet of high mountain farms several centuries old, where the charming decoration is matched by the soul in every pieces of furniture, and the patina on every object.

As to my particular room, it is described as having a "woody aspect with a terrace or a balcony, an open lounge area to the room, separated bathroom with bath on stoneware or slate. South to south east exposure." Note that last point carefully: that must mean the best chance of sunlight, right? (Southern Hemisphere readers: make the necessary corrections in aspect).

But wait, there's more....Discover the Spa of Les Fermes de Marie, the very first of the Pure Altitude Spas, whose design is a balance of five elements. Amid a blend of stone, wood, livingwater, plants and fire, all the elements have been gathered together to point the way back to serenity and fullness...
The 17 treatment rooms, the indoor swimming pool with view over the gardens, the sauna and the fitness room are an invitation to relaxation...a soothing environment from which you emerge rebalanced.

Other people. Not me.

Ahh...I will emerge rebalanced? Excellent. And for non-skiiers such as myself, while waiting for the skiing companions to return so that aprés ski can commence, it seems that Megève offers a number of alternatives (if I get tired of the spa, the novels and the "Spacious rooms inundated with light...", which, frankly, doesn't seem likely), such as exhibitions, horse-drawn carriage rides, a museum with a 17th century chapel, shopping in the quaint village, or a guided tour to something which appears to be a Sacred Mountain:

The Calvary (Le Calvaire) An important pilgrimage site of the 19 th century, ‘le Calvaire’ is registered as one of the Sacred Mountains of Europe and is additionally noted as an historic monument. Here are 15 chapels and oratories, two of which are dedicated to Mary. They retrace the Stations of the Cross and feature several colourful statues, frescos and trompe l’oeil paintings. 

And from another website:
Megève, the original chic resort, frequented by royalty and stars alike. Very much a traditional French resort, Megève is an old village that oozes charisma and traditional Alpine charm. It boasts gastronomic delights, as well as some of the most varied nightlife of any Alpine venue...
All in all, I can't wait. So if you don't hear from me for a week or so, you'll know what I am doing. If you don't hear from me for a month or so, you'll know what I am still doing. *excited*

Megeve Village

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