Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rustic Chic

Here I am in Megève, and very gorgeous it is too. As the plane came in over Geneva, the view of the Alps sparkling in the sun above the clouds was heavenly. Below us, the Lac du Geneve was shrouded in a thick mist. The plane had to dive into it to arrive at Geneva Airport, but managed it safely. Gevena was misty and freezing - the temperature a neat 0 degrees Celcius. However, the one hour car trip to Megève was soon accomplished and shortly it was possible to see the snowy mountains all around sparkling in the late afternoon SUN! Ahh....!

Les Fermes de Marie

Cosy room

Megève is, as advertised, a charming little village. The Hotel Les Fermes de Marie is ridiculously rustic chic, Ball worn wood, open fires, staircases and low beams, and lots of fur everywhere. Besides which, there is swimming pool heated to 28 degrees, and an outdoor hot tub heated to 38 degrees,and a sauna. And a spa,where I have a massage booked for tomorrow morning. What else could a hard working philosophy student wish for?

Light in my room

Lights at the neighbours'

Well, there''s more: dinner with friends, hospitality courtesy of Madame Thomas, down from Paris to her apartment in Megève, where Kyle and Andrew are staying for the Birthday Celebrations Week. They have been out on the piste today, and from all accounts the skiing was excellent. Dinner included new friends Francis and Danielle, and Rachel too. The usual excellent French home cooking was accompanied by lots of red wine (we are in France, after all) and amazing cheese (we are in France, after all!).

French hospitality
After dinner (it could have been the fault of the mojitos) there was a general trying-on of Madame Thomas' fur coats, of which there are many. The modelling session brought out the best in everyone. As the evening progressed, it seemed that I am booked up to go fur coat shopping with Madame Thomas in the Paris flea markets,where I am told that many bargains are to be had. Wow.

Kyle in wolf and Madame Thomas in mink

Kyle & Francis. Did I mention the mojitos?

Back now to the Rustic Chic, which is extremely welcome and cosy in the midst of the picturesque snow; and warm. The temperature outside has dropped below zero. the skiers would like some more snow, but I am happy with Megève just the way it is.

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  1. Well .......these pics are just priceless - what an absolutely exquisite and fun time you must have all had.