Monday, January 31, 2011

Picture Book


The sun shone today. Oh yes, I remember what it is like, and this was definitely sunshine. At one memorable point, I even had to put on my sunglasses. Megève came out sparkling like a fairy tale from a European picture book.

Bright and pretty
Breakfast this morning was relaxed and unhurried. The hotel sets out its breakfast offerings in what looks like an old rustic kitchen, and every possible breakfast comestible is on offer. This being a ski resort (albeit a rather upmarket one), I turned up for breakfast in warm pants and a woolly jumper. Others - French people, naturellement - were there in smart suits (women) and black polo necks (men),  prettily accessorised with small dogs on leashes. Ooh, la, la. Bonjour. Merci beaucoup. (That's it: four years of French in high school and nothing to show for it).

The distant ski slopes, sparkling in the sun

A late breakfast having been enjoyed, I moved on to the more energetic program of the day: a massage, a turn in the pool, a soak in the hot's tough, but I don't mind...

Church steeple and Swarovski-decorated festive tree

In the afternoon I savoured the delights of the Village of Megève, dodging horse-drawn buggies and skiers coming off the piste, to indulge in a hot chocolate. It was 0 degrees, but bright and sunny, which (as I think we've established) is the main thing. I nosed around the shops (very nice), discussed French wine with a helpful young lady in a cave, selected chocolates for the inmates chez Madame Thomas. This evening - after the (apparently customary) mojitos, it is off to a restaurant. I am taking the precaution of preparing this blog post in advance. Just in case.

Afternoon hot chocolate stop in downtown Megeve

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