Thursday, February 3, 2011

France, Food, Furs

Photo: courtesy of Andrew A.
You've met the Tartiflette, but this week in Megève has included an amazing array of delicious French dishes, principally courtesy of Chef Extraordinaire, Madame Thomas. Each day has ended with a convivial meal, usually around the table, Chez Thomas. In between there have been some memorable restaurant dishes. And what a delight it has all been. Just to make you drool with vicarious eating pleasure, here are some highlights:

First, of course, the Mojitos
Madame Thomas serves something with beef and carrots...

After a day skiing, or perhaps merely relaxing (as in my case) we would gather at Madame Thomas' apartment where aperitifs would be drunk, and delicious aromas would waft from the kitchen. Some helped peel potatoes, and some helped serve, but in general Madame was in charge of the kitchen. Here are some of the generous and delicious dishes she produced.

Madame Thomas flambes

Flambe result: bananes
There was the memorable casserole one night that was said to contain three kilos of meat: beef, veal, pork and duck.

The name of the dish is on the casserole

Under all those pommes de terre...the meat
And the very enjoyable fondue night...Madame Thomas makes her fondue with champagne instead of the more plebian white wine...the result is excellent. It was suggested that a one Euro fine be paid by anyone who lost their bread in the cheese sauce, which resulted in a rather a boisterous contretemps at one point. But as Madame Thomas said: "you couldn't do this in a restaurant!" 

Le fondue

Fondue party
And this is just at home...we also enjoyed ourselves at restaurants around Megève...and of course I indulged in "food photos". They tell such a vivid story, don't you think? Here are a few highlights:

"Grandmother's Chicken" at L'Alpette on the piste.

Divine lamb at our 'last night' dinner

And the reference to 'fur'? Well, as you will know from the post as few days ago, Madame Thomas is rather fond of a dramatic fur coat. She confided today that her friends tell her she is pathologique about them - but, she says, she has only bought ten or twelve this past year. She favours buying second-hand - usually 'family coats' that the young women don't want. Bargains, you see. This afternoon Rachel and I went fur coat shopping with Madame Thomas.This may have been a mistake. Or it may have been a seminal turning point in my life. Three days ago I didn't know I needed a fur coat, and now I own my first mink. Go figure. When in France...

Fur shopping with The Expert

Girls and their furs


  1. Your very own MINK!!! I'm proud of you Annette - they are the snuggliest, warmest, and easiest to wear coats - love it and wear it I say.