Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sydney: sunshine, showers, friends, family, food

The Sydney press. And decent coffee.

My two weeks in Sydney passed ridiculously quickly, the days filled with family, friends and food. Typically for a Sydney June, sometimes it rained and sometimes the sun shone as if it was summer, instead of mid-winter. Now that I have made the long-haul flight back to London it is time to bring the blog up to date, including a run-down of my time in Sydney. I think the best way to do this is through a few pictures - since, as we know, they each tell a thousand words.....

An Aussie classic -- meat pie and tomato sauce. Expensive!

Family dinner: swedish meatballs, that old favourite.

Local flora.

Local fauna.
Billy's at Balmoral Beach: retro brekkie by the beach

More local fauna: Balmoral Beach

Balmoral on one of the stormy mornings.

Balmoral on one of the sunny mornings.

SO Sydney.

More local fauna. Martin Place, lunchtime.

A roast lamb dinner. Another Aussie essential.

Me and the roast dinner cook (thanks, Sandy!)
Sandy's backyard. You gotta love winter in Sydney!

B & J at Burnt Burnt Orange. Lovely location and food
(though they don't know their rhubarb from their plums - long story)

Tapas lunch in Redfern. Funky.
Tapeo Caffe & Tapas Bar
"We have wi-fi!!! How modern!"
Dinner in Redfern too.
The Eathouse Diner

My veggie soup at The Eathouse Diner.
"The unbearable lightness of being hungry"
(That actually doesn't make sense, with apologies to Milan Kundera.)
The food was fantastic though - great place.

High Tea at Gunners' Barracks

And on that note, I think I need a nice cup of tea and a bit of a rest......

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