Saturday, September 8, 2012

Celebrity-Spotting at The Games

Olympic celebrities....?

If there's one thing better than watching famous athletes perform in the sporting arena, it is probably running into them close up and having your photograph taken with them. My Olympics-attending companion scored a couple of direct hits in the celeb picture stakes during the London 2012 Games. And a few others that might not have been quite so high profile, but were still worth a picture.

Now that's a celebrity!
Peter with Carl Lewis at the Water Polo.

And that's another celebrity!
A big, though short, fan with a tall (6 ft 5 in) Australian
basketball star: the gracious Lauren Jackson.

With 'Bob', the friendly Vollie.
Somewhere in East London.

Well, OK, we didn't meet her, but we saw her.
Married-in royalty watching the Men's Gymnastics.

And some real stars of the show, seeing the crowds on their way home
after the Closing Ceremony.

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