Monday, May 20, 2013


Gigino: NYT pic

Spent one day in New York recently, opened the New York Times with my morning coffee, and there was a full-page article  about my excellent landlord, Luigi Aceto, known to his friends and everyone else on the Amalfi Coast as 'Gigino' - 78 years old and still going strong. This is probably due to his veins flowing with lemon juice, as he likes to say.

View from my front door: my pic

So we're famous! I presently call Gigino's lemon grove home, and here are all the lemons and the locals being extolled in the NYT story entitled: 'This Business Is a Lemon, and a Family Wants to Keep It That Way'. There are some serious points discussed about the future of small niche family businesses in Italy. There is also a cute video and a set of slides on the NYT website - some of the pictures seem to have been taken outside my front door, and one is of my favourite cafe.

I hope you enjoy this snippet from Amalfi, along with the NYT readers.

Gigino's Rule: (roughly):
If you want to beat the neighbour
Go to work early in the morning
(he does)

...limone e fiori...

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