Sunday, May 12, 2013

Italian Gothic

The art, architecture and history of beautiful Verona inspired this gallery. The photographs were taken in the wonderful collection of early art in the Municipal Museum of Castelvecchio, the Scaliger Tombs, the Church of Sant' Anastasia and the Cathedral of Verona and its surrounds.

Detail of the Equestrian Statue of Cangrande I della Scala, died 1329
Original at Castelvecchio

Scaliger Tombs, resting place of the della Scala Family, 14th Century

Gothic ceiling of the Basilica o fSany'Anastasia

The Fainting Madonna by the Master of Sant'Anastasia
in the Museum at Castelvecchio

Ponte Scaligero from Castelvecchio

One of the famous "hunchbacks" supporting the font
inBasilica of Sant'Anastasia.
The floor is original, designed by Pietro da Porlezza in 1462  

One of the most important pieces of Veronese medieval sculpture, c.1200
the octagonal baptisimal font in the Baptistry of San Giovanni in Fonte

Floor tomb in the Church of Sant'Elena
Dante is siad to have discussed his thesis 'De aqua et terra' here in 1320.

The Chapter Cloister of the Cathedral 

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