Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Twisted Root Burger Co

Waitin' on your order.

In Dallas, Texas, a tourist who ventures under the freeway flyovers and into Deep Ellum should proceed with caution. Deep Ellum is one of those run-down areas which is in the early stages of a nascent gentrification. One of those places that the guide books and the taxi drivers assure you is 'perfectly safe -- now'. The locals will tell you it's 'the center of all things cool and local in the city.' Yeah, OK. Just make sure you have the number of a reliable cab co to get outta there.

REALLY good burgers.

However, I encourage you to take the risk for the sake of eating at The Twisted Root Burger Co. Not only is it a very friendly joint, and excitingly quirky, you will also get to eat a SUPERB burger. Veggie if you wish. In fact, whatever you wish. In addition to their classic and exotic burger combos, you can 'build-your-own'. As they say on their website:
Three chefs, sick of eating frozen, tiny, and under-seasoned burgers, opened a real burger joint to make it the way they do at home. Fresh and seasoned meat, hand battered buttermilk fried stuff, fresh cut sweet potatoes, homemade pickles, Root Beer,  ice cream and even condiments… It’s like eating at our kitchen table!
They also say "IT'S SLAP-YO-MOMMA-GOOD" but I don't understand what that means, and I'm a bit afraid to enquire.

Make your selection.

Shabby-burger-chic decor.

Here's a sample of their menu:

The Spicy Goat – chipotle sauce, goat cheese & bacon 7.99
Bacon Bomb – 3 pieces of bacon & blue cheese 7.99
Ranch Hand – peppercorn ranch, bacon & swiss 7.99
The Lost Mexican – blue cheese & jalapeno 7.49
Lots-a-Shroom – mushroom, garlic & swiss 6.99
The Verde – green chili, guac & pepperjack 8.49
Wing Style – tangy buffalo sauce & blue cheese 7.49
The Philly – mushrooms, grilled onions, Cheese Whiz® 7.99
The Western – pepperjack, bacon, fried onion strings & jalapenos 8.99
Big Tex – cheddar, guac, fried onion strings & chipotle sauce 8.49
The Big German (aka The Dirk) - pretzel bun w/sauerkraut & swiss 7.49
Frito Bandito – Texas chili, guac, cheddar & Fritos® 8.99
Check the menu boards for Burger of the Month!
(Prices listed are for hamburger, turkey, or black bean. Upgrade to Buffalo or Game Meat for $4 more.)

Pick a peck of pickled peppers.

If that's not got you wanting to hie on over to Deep Ellum right away, there are other features of The Twisted Root that you should know about. For one thing, you can pick your own peck of pickled peppers from large jars on the counter. The folks at Twisted Root don't hand out mere boring table numbers - you could be called to collect your order a shout of "Elvis!" or by the dulcet strains of 'Clementine'. And you can bring your gun. Yes, really. As long as it's licensed. The sign says.

This is Texas, after all. And Deep Ellum.

It's Texas.

Where the magic happens.

Garage decor.

Some pics nicked from the Twisted Burger website.

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