Sunday, June 30, 2013

A weekend on Capri...arriving

Happy tourists sight their goal.

The next few post on the blog will take you to the Isle of Capri for the weekend. There are several stages to visiting Capri - firstly, of curse, you have to get there, and we are going to approach by the regular public boat from Amalfi. If you've got money to burn, there are plenty of private yachts for hire, but for us a sea-side seat on the top deck of the public boat on a fine warm day is perfectly wonderful.

Buying your ticket at the dock in Amalfi.
Plenty of regular boats to Capri in the summer.

All aboard for Capri: Amalfi harbour.
In about one hour the magical island comes into view.
The harbour at Capri.
On arriving at the port in Capri you'll find a bustling beach, with boats large and small coming and going. From here you can take a ferry trip around the island and into the Blue Grotto; or patronise one of the many bars along the beachfront. Pick up a souvenir doll or bag or hat or beach towel. Take a swim if you don't mind it being a little busy.

Boats on the beach at Marina Grande, Capri.
Bar Grotta Azzurra -- the Blue Grotto Bar, Marina Grande, Capri.

Marina Grande, Capri.


But when you've enjoyed a delicious gelato by the busy Marina Grande, it's time to explore -- because there's a LOT more to Capri. In fact, you haven't really arrived in Capri yet at all....

So pick up one of those stretch, roof-less taxi cabs with the sun awnings to keep you shaded, or buy a ticket for the funicular which you'll find right on the esplanade.

Capri taxis.
It's time to go to Capri.

Gelato -- don't leave the beach without it.

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