Monday, July 1, 2013

A weekend on Capri...the streets of Capri

At the top of the funicular you'll find Capri proper -- clustered around the tiny Piazza Umberto I, filled with hundreds of day trippers and their guides, flocks of sun umbrellas open against the heat of the day, and plenty of Italian waiters ready to serve you un cafe, or perhaps un affogatto.

Crowds in the Piazza.
This is the Capri where foreign writers, artists and bohemians, liked to spend their winters, get into trouble, conduct love affairs, dabble in politics. As the ancient Romans did too, and if you have time you can take a few hours to hike up to the Villa of Tiberius on the spectacular headland facing the mainland.

Or just wander around the streets od old Capri, where wine bars and high-end fashion shops are wedged in beside small restaurants and salumerias, tiny chapels and hidden courtyards.

Capri street

Quartiere Medievale

Hidden corner of Capri

Side street

Quiet courtyard that the crowds haven't found

Plenty of restaurants to choose from.

The beautiful Quisisana Hotel, and ex-sanitorium.

"So Capri"

Clock tower on the Piazza Unberto I.

An affogato for the road....
When you have explored enough of Capri, you'll need that taxi again, because...there's more....

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