Saturday, September 28, 2013


The Centrale Montemartini is an intriguing example of what you do when you have far too many precious examples of Roman sculpture and nowhere to put them, but you do have an Art Deco power station that has been decommissioned. As the museum website says:
The history of the Capitoline Museums exhibition in the former Giovanni Montemartini Power Plant, an extraordinary example of industrial archeology converted into a museum, began in 1997 with the transfer of hundreds of sculptures during the renovation of large sectors of the Capitoline complex
The complex is out in the industrial area on Via Ostiense, opposite the huge Central Market complex (under renovation). It's definitely worth a visit - there are so many wonderful sculptures there, many with great stories to tell, all looking very chic against the industrial back-drop of the power plant, boilers and engines. I'll let the pictures tell the story...just a few of my favourites.

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