Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Duelling Sunsets

Sunset, Key West, Florida, USA
I was told that November (in the northern hemisphere) is the best month for sunsets. I never knew it mattered, but this photo blog says:
Time of year is an important consideration for getting the best colours at sunrise or sunset. Because the earth is in transition more in the spring and fall, these are ideal seasons for spectacular vistas of sky, cloud and earth colours as the sun rises and sets. My experience has been that fall is a great time for reds, yellows, and orange variations in the sky and tinting of clouds as they move across the horizon, during, and just after the sun sets. A window of opportunity for great shots is longer for a sunset than a sunrise. 
Hmm..well if you're serious about photographing sunsets (or sunrises), there are plenty of tips on the web. For me, it's more a matter of chance -- being in the right place with a camera when the sun does its spectacular thing.

Here are two very different sunsets snapped this November in different parts of the world.

Sunset, Amalfi Coast (Capri on the horizon), Italy.
Sunset, Key West, Florida, USA.

Butch blows a conch shell to mark sunset, Key West.
Admittedly it's important to enjoy a delicious 'sundowner' with your sunset, but lest you think I'm lazy, and just to prove that I can get up early, here are a few November sunrise shots...

Sunrise, Amalfi Coast.
Sunrise, Amalfi.
Sunrise, Amalfi.

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