Monday, July 29, 2013


Reykjavik summer.
A photo journal of Reykjavik, the capital village - er, city - of tiny Iceland. In high summer.

Midnight in Reykjavik. Yes, really. July.
Chaqwa, voted 'Best Place to read a Book' in Reykjavik.
Something seafood-related.
NOT minke whale. Definitely not.
Seafood bisque.
Cafe town. Great coffee in most places.
Cute architecture. 
Red & white.
The Hallgrímskirkja, parish church and iconic landmark.
Chamber choir concert in The Hallgrímskirkja. 
The Hallgrímskirkja
Reykjavik from The Hallgrímskirkja bell tower. Toy town.
Summer colours of Reykjavik.
Menu of the day. 

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