Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cooking Class - Michelin Star-Style

Chef Michael begins...
An opportunity for a cooking lesson/demonstration from a Micheline-starred chef in France? The answer is, naturellement, 'oui, oui!' Our chef was the amazing Michael Nizzero, presently at L'Hostellerie la Briqueterie at Vinay, near Epernay in the champagne region. A snippet of his impressive resumé from their website:
Michael Nizzero is a 28yr old Belgian Chef who joins us from The Waterside Inn, Berkshire, UK. Chef Nizzero spent 4 years at the prestigious 3 Michelin starred Waterside Inn as First Sous-chef, under Grand-chefs Michel and Alain Roux. Previous to this he was Head Chef of Pisces Restaurant, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. Under his guardianship this restaurant was awarded best seafood restaurant in Dubai 3 years in a row.
This already tells us that the food is likely to be pretty wonderful, but we had checked this out by dining at La Briqueterie the evening before: foie gras, delicate fish, and a cheese trolley straight from heaven. What would Chef Michael have to show us in his high-powered kitchen the next morning?

The recipe, he said, was a favourite of his which he had included on the menu ever since he had begun at La Briqueterie: Tartare de langoustines aux senteur d'agrumes , toast melba et caviar d’Aquitaine.
After a brief kitchen tour, and some attention to the day's supply of foie gras, prepping it to be baked, Michael turned to his ingredients, laid out on the stainless steel bench.

"First," he said, "kill your langoustine." They like things fresh at La Briqueterie. But if you don't have any handy langoustine, you can use instead yabbies, or scallops.

I'll give you Michael's recipe - in French, but I'm sure you can work it out - then add a photo tour of the proceedings, and a video of Michael in action. Easy to make at home! After you catch your langoustine, of course. Bon appétit.

Tartare de langoustines aux senteur d'agrumes , toast melba et caviar d’Aquitaine
4 personnes

Pour les langoustines
Langoustines 24 pièces décortiquées et taillées en grosse brunoise

Pour la garniture
Chili vert x 1 en brunoise
Chili rouge x 1 en brunoise
Ciboulette x 1 botte ciselée
Zestes de citron vert
Zestes de citron jaune
Zestes d'orange
Sel / Poivre
Pousses de betterave x 12
Pousses de red chard x 12
Caviar d’Aquitaine x 40 gr
12 toasts Melba

Pour la vinaigrette d'agrumes
Citron vert x 2 pressés Citrons jaunes x 2 pressés Oranges x 2
Huile d'olive Papillon
Sel / Poivre

Mélanger le jus des 3 agrumes à l’huile d’olive ; assaisonner. Ajouter ensuite le tartare de langoustines avec les brunoises de chili , la ciboulette , les zestes d'agrumes , sel et poivre et la vinaigrette d'agrumes. Dresser sur une assiette comme sur la photo.

Juice of three different citrus: lemon, lime & orange.
Zest of the three citrus.
Quality virgin olive oil.
Combine half-and-half citrus juice and olive oil and season.
Chop previously prepared langoustine into 1cm chunks.
Add zest to chopped langoustine.
Mild red and green jalapeño peppers
finely diced (with the skill of a professional chef, of course)
Add diced peppers to the langoustine.
Chives, chopped finely with similar skill.
Add chives to langoustine.
Michael adds the vinaigrette to the langoustine.
Mix well.
Finished langoustine and vinaigrette mixture.
Spoon mixture into a small circular mould to shape for serving.
Decorate with tiny melba toasts.
Garnish with some delicate  greenery.
Michael's suggested brand of caviar.
Top with a generous spoonful of caviar.
That went quickly....

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