Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Visiting Venice

Laundry day in Venice.
I saw a different side of Venice recently. Instead of gondolas, a medieval maritime republic, big crowds, pigeons in San Marco, and lots of Tintoretto, I stayed on the little island of Giudecca, took the vaporetto everywhere (even some places I didn't want to go!), and looked at contemporary art. Here’s a photo journal of this slightly different visit....

Sparkle on the lagoon: Venice.
Palladio Hotel & Spa in Giudecca:
This handsome building was a sixteenth-century convent designed by the great Renaissance architect, Andrea Palladio.
Moody weather in Venice, October.
Venetian windows. 
A huge white liner departs the Lagoon.
The subject of recent protests.
Ah, but there must be a gondolier...
Evening light silhouettes the famous Venetian skyline.
Dusk falls on San Marco, the last rays gilding the mosaics.
A type of camel known to no one, on the eccentric facade of San Moise.
This blog discusses "the ugliest church in Venice."
The quiet garden of Palladio Hotel & Spa on Giudecca. The sun has come out.
Palladio Hotel marked 'A" - on the island of Giudecca, opposite San Marco.
Vaporetto lines zooming up and down the Lagoon.

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