Saturday, August 28, 2010

One more sleep

Overnight I received an email from Birkbeck – my new school. So far, it seems like a well-organised institution. Whenever I send an email with a little enquiry about something or other, I receive a prompt, helpful and friendly response. This is in stark contrast to the chores I have had to do this week, contacting various Australian telecommunications companies to change or cancel local services. Why is it that the telecommunications companies are the worst of all the services at, well, communication?

Birkbeck have informed me about all kinds of orientation activities for new international students in the week of 27th September. As well as sessions on how to open a bank account, register your visa, find accommodation, access UK health services, blah, blah, blah....they have also planned a campus tour, a tour of London on a red Routemaster bus, a trip to the London Eye, and – my personal favourite – “an opportunity to take part in a traditional British activity” – a Pub Quiz.

I haven’t yet heard from the Philosophy Department about any orientation activities it may be planning. Now its Pub Quiz might be interesting.

Today I spoke by telephone to Miss Pandora in Canberra. She informed me that she was in the playground, and that there were bugs on the ride she wanted to use, but she was feeding them rocks. Presumably this makes sense when you are three. She had been playing a game called ‘talking to my Nana on the phone’...awww *sniff*

Today also was the day that I delivered my BMW to the tender care of my brother – thanks Pete. We swathed it in its new car cover – better than a garage, really – I handed over the keys, and took the train into the sunset. Well, figuratively. *sniff* again.

I had better partake of that last sleep. Tomorrow I board my flight for London.


  1. Pan talks about you a lot! I promissse I will get my webcam and mic working soon. :)

  2. No stress! There's lots of ways to communicate. Love you both. xxx