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Cruising with Capitano Patrizio

Capitano Patrizio

Here is Captain Patrizio, ready to take you on a cruise along the hidden spots on the famous Amalfi Coast. As he explains in his brochure:


From mythology to spaghetti with zucchini

We leave from the port of Amalfi aboard our comfortable traditional boat, the ‘gozzo sorentino’...

‘O Sole Mio’

Hi - I am Patrizio Frederico and I have lived on the Amalfi Coast my entire life. For many years I have navigated the Mediterranean and beyond in motor yachts and sailing boats. I also lived for a while in the Caribbean Islands, sailing those waters.

Many large yachts anchor in our waters, as our guests, and often they taste only the top restaurants and most beautiful panoramas. My partners and I would like to offer these guests the possibility to really visit the deep soul of the divine Amalfi Coast, a place with a multitude of facets: the sea with tiny fishing towns, the grottos with caverns and waterfalls, springs, rivers, woods, ancient paths, castles, felci, ancient vines, olives, lemons and chestnut trees. To meet the shepherds still producing the local cheese.

Like the legend of the volpe pescatrice, the ‘fish fox’, holding in his mouth fish and diamonds, we would like to offer you the best products and show you the secrets of the Coast’s tradition and culture. Only those with profound knowledge of the territory, know.

A small glimpse into history: until about 100 years ago, the Amalfi Drive did not exist, and each village lived its own life independently, sustaining itself. This meant that the people developed many different agricultural activities, artesian crafts, keeping animals and fishing. All communications were by walking paths and staircases. Let’s imagine all the coastline like an enormous capillary system criss-crossed by staircases and paths.

So we would be happy to propose....

Guided excursion along the Coast in a small boat, imbarcazione sorrentina, to reach the coves and hidden villages.
Personalized inland excursion to the old pathways discovering panoramas, springs, woods, meeting the locals belonging to the past. 
We can help you to purchase local traditional products, from food to handcrafts, wine, virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes and other vegetables and fruit.
Private dinners at private homes with local produce and typical music.
Consultation on the purchase and rental of niche and luxury real estate on the Coast.

We are happy to have given you, with only these few words, a different view of our Coast and to imagine its diversity. We wish you a wonderful stay.

                                                                                                - Captain Patrizio and partners.

For bookings, apply to your concierge or contact us
Ph:+39 333 437 9823
Maximum: 7 people

'O Sole Mio'

At the wheel



Capitano Patrizio approaches the 'Pandora Grotto'

The green waters of the 'Pandora Grotto'

Passing traffic

A bigger craft in front of Amalfi

The Honeymoon Cottage at the Hotel Santa Catarina
A local fisherman...

...and his catch.

Saracen tower at Conca di Marini

Capitano Patrizio steers us into the Fjord of Furore

The Fjord of Furore

Swimming from 'O Sole Mio'


Saracen tower at Priaino

Positano in the distance

Beachside trattoria, Positano

Coastal geology

Heading to lunch


Trattoria L'ippocampo, Conca di Marini

Conca di Marini

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  1. Highly Recommend. I rode with Captain Patrizio while visiting the coast with my daughter. We shared our day-long excursion with another family of four. We were a small, private group and we enjoyed every minute of day-long trip along coast, the swimming and snorkeling, and lunch. Captain Patrizio is a delight, very sincere, warm and welcoming to his guests, and very knowledgeable.

    A note for Captain P -- 10e coming your way by postal mail, you are so kind.

    Ms. Lisa